Back pain is very common and nearly every adult has experienced it at least once in his or her life. Stress is also very common and every person deals with some form of stress daily. What many people do not realize is that stress and back pain are often linked together and that by managing your stress you can lessen your pain.

If you have lower back pain, the first step is to rule out other causes such as a dropped muscle, a bulging disc, a misalignment or an injury. Your health care provider can help you rule out these conditions and help you determine if stress is the reason you're hurting. Once this has been established, you can begin looking for ways to relate your stress related pain.

Face Your Stress Head On

Many people ignore stress hiring it will go away or they simply do not know how to manage their stress properly so they try to avoid it. This causes repressed memories to become buried in the subconscious mind. Over the years, these memories start to build up and invade the conscious mind.

When this happens, the body reacts with a built-in mechanism that reduces the blood flow to your lower back region. In turn, the oxygen level is reduced, waste starts to build and lower back pain occurs. Now that you know how it happens, it's time to find ways to tie the pain and facing your stress head on is the best way to start.


One way to help relieve stress related pain is through exercise. There are many different options to choose from so finding something that suits your lifestyle and physical abilities should be easy. Yoga is a very popular way to get exercise and relieve stress. The breathing exercises and meditation can help clear your mind and the stretching exercises increases blood flow.

Walking, running, jogging or dancing are also great ways to manage stress through exercise. Your body releases “feel good” hormones during cardiovascular exercise that help to create a positive attitude. As a result, you can manage the events in your life better. It also helps to increase blood flow that increases the oxygen through your body and this helps to heal the pain.

Have Some Alone Time

Having time alone where you can relax and reflect on the events of your life can help relieve stress related pain. Everyone needs time to do the things you enjoy when it's painting, sewing, meditating or just soaking in a hot tub. Find a relaxing activity and take time to enjoy it and this will help to heal pain caused by stress.

Seek Outside Help to Learn How to Manage Stress

Sometimes, the stress and pressures of life can be overwhelming and you need help learning how to sort through things and manage the stress. This is when you may want to seek outside help. Temporarily relieving the stress can help relieve the pain for awhile but eventually it'll return unless you learn how to manage it correctly.

You can talk to friends, family members, a therapist or join a support group to help you learn how to face the problems in your life and deal with your stress. Once you learn how to face the situations causing your stress, deal with them and move on, your stress related pain will begin to subside.