Natural pursuit of good health starts with the forces of nature's symptom. Pain is a natural process within the body, therefore the only way to relive pain the safest and most effective way is only the natural way. You are the one who is responsible for your body, not your doctor. He can help to relive that pain to make you feel comfortable, but what are the long-term effects? The days of taking some aspirin have long gone. At least aspirin did help with pain, and doing some good for blood pressure and lowering the risk of heart attack. Now, Tylenol which is a metabolic poison is the most common and widely used pain-killer. Long term use of such pain-killers has many high risk factors, such as high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, GI bleeding and kidney disease.

Pain is a big problem but at least there are more and more people searching for natural ways to relive it, such options as boswellia serrate which is an ancient ayurvedic remedy for pain. Boswellia is not the only thing that helps ease the pain associated with both, rheumatoid arthritis and degenerative arthritis; there are many more. Although, to make these remedies effective, it is also necessary to eat the right food and correct your diet. It is important, knowing how to avoid the foods that can increase inflammation and make a bad situation even worse.

What causes pain?

Chronic pain is caused by many conditions and different factors. Chronic pain persists for long periods, and is resistant to most medical treatment. Pain relates to a sensation that hurts. First of all it causes discomfort, distress and agony. Pain many times just appear from nowhere and begins mysteriously; some common causes are muscle pain, tension, stress, overuse and minor injuries. Inflammation can cause sliding, significant pain and discomfort in affected body parts. Worse still, uncontrolled infection is closely linked to painful joint conditions, such as arthritis. The good thing is that there are natural ways to reduce inflammation and associated pain.

Anti pollution!

Any health condition, infection and pain, depends on what you eat and the diet you are on. We should never kid ourselves and think that food does not matter, because it does matter. Such as eating foods that are anti-inflammatory, here are some which have been many times proven to work. Cruciferous vegetables are foods that are anti inflammatory, especially because they contain antioxidants. When oxidation takes place inside certain body parts, it can damage cells and tissues and can cause complications such as arthritis. That's why it's healthy to reverse or impede oxidation within your body systems by eating vegetables such as spinach and kale.

Similarly, vegetables contain compounds such as sulforaphane, which can reduce inflammation in the blood in arms. Vegetables rich in sulforaphane include broccoli, cabbages, and Brussels sprouts. You may also want to eat leafy greens at least once every day for the benefit of their antioxidant properties. With a diet plan as such it depends on severity of the condition and how quick you want to feel the effect. To keep in mind there is no formula or a one size fits all strategy, because every one's body reacts different and some can get results faster than others.


Capsaicin is a natural ingredient found in hot chilli peppers. It effectively relieves joint pain, respiratory congestion and sinus congestion. It works against pain without side effects, unlike chemical pain killers.


Berries mentioned in most discussions bordering on foods that are anti inflammatory. This is because all types of berries play a critical role in enhancing body health, including joints and other tissues that are prone to inflammation. Blueberries and cranberries are sweet, and contain properties that impede potentially harmful oxidation processes in the human body.


If you've never tried turmeric before, you may want to consider including it in your cooking. Turmeric is a spice that has a compound called curcumin, which is known to have therapeutic effects on persons experiencing joint pain. For starters, the spice pregnancies oxidation of dietary fats when food is cooked. When eaten, it protects your body from harmful oxidation processes. Other spices that can help improve joint pain include ginger and cinnamon.

Healthy beverages

You may add foods that are anti inflammatory to your most favorite beverages, this will also help health complications. For instance, if you like smoothies, you may consider including non-fat Greek yogurt in your recipe. Greek yogurt is low in saturated fats, and this makes it a healthy option for someone experiencing arthritis symptoms. Another practical inclusion in your smoothie recipe, flaxseed, a source of omega 3 fats. You may also grind the flaxseed and blend it with other healthy ingredients, such as strawberries.

Foods to avoid

If you've made it a point to eat foods that are ant inflammatory, it makes perfect sense to stick to your resolve. That's why foods such as red meat and full-fat dairy products must not be part of your diet. Similarly, processed foods such as French fries should be avoided at all costs.

Staying healthy and free from joint pain does not need to be difficult. You can start by ensuring that your diet includes foods that are anti inflammatory only. One important point to make here is, stay persistent and maintain consistency.