I know, it's hard to understand and accept that we may have played a part in creating our symptoms and diagnosis of fibromyalgia. But that can be the good news because it means that we hold the solution to reversing it and creating healthy, pain-free bodies. I'm talking, no prescription or over the counter drugs, no digestive issues, and no depression. But there will be a price to pay.

You will have to move to a different level of insight and understanding about your life, your body, and how we create health. This what I did to reverse fibromyalgia after having three back surgeries; living in a wheel chair. I am now training to run a marathon.

One of the key ingredients to healing any chronic illness or pain is to recognize which of the three levels of “healing consciousness' you are living from. In a level one of consciousness, you find you have a physical problem and you seek only the help of doctors, pills, and medical procedures or surgery. the situation and the outcome is dependent on the doctor, (something outside yourself.) You believe the doctor has all the answers.

Having been a nurse in western medicine for 25 years, this was of course, where I started from. But as time went on, I learned about the other two levels and eventually moved towards the third level of belief and understanding. A lot of people seek out holistic therapies, which offers some help and relief, but even at this second level, it leaves the patient dependent on someone else for a successful outlet.

What I want to present to you is an insight into the third level of awareness and the idea that you can become your own healer. What I know to be true about chronic pain and fibromyalgia is that the body is actually responding to our spiritual and emotional cues. It is actually reacting to what we are feeding it. I know, do not shoot the messenger!

Chronic pain is a response to stress, or more accurately, our perceived stress and fear. It took me several years to identify and recognize this critical factor. If I can help others get to this place of realization in less time then I have served my purpose.

No matter where you have pain in your body it is the direct response of the body trying to protect you. Yes, pain is actually the body's defense mechanism.

Over time the body learners to contract in response to the emotions and fears that we feed it. When you contract, your body contracts. The problem is, we tend to store the fear in the muscles and tissues, just before we shut down, shut off, and contract.

What may seem like a sudden sunset of symptoms or illness is never the case. They have been building up over time. As I like to say, “the issues are in the tissues”.

The good news is, when you recognize and accept that this is the underlying cause of the pain you can now be empowered to correct the cause and reverse the illness. Sure, you could try a new anti-inflammatory diet and nutritional approach but that is like putting a band-aid on a broken finger. The cause has not been treated. Why look at reducing inflation with nutrition when you're still causing the inflammation. You'll never catch up to it with this approach.

A multi-pronged strategy can change the direction of your health and healing permanently. Address your level of healing consciousness and then take action to release the emotions, constrictions, and fears from the tissues. It's much easier than you might think.