As the name suggests, tennis elbow is often seen among tennis players. It a medical condition associated to the inflammation of the tendons around the elbow. Treatment varies depending on the condition, however, when everything else fails, tennis elbow surgery is given to the patient.

The Nature of the Procedure

Tennis elbow surgery is one of the options to treat tennis elbow. It fulfills three important tasks: to cut the affected tendon, to remove the damaged tissues and to stimulate the healing response of the affected area.

Keep in mind that this kind of surgery is not done without considering other factors such as other treatment options. One of the requirements prior to undergoing tennis elbow surgery is that the patient had undergone an extra treatment to alleviate the pain and the condition. Typically, surgeons recommend resorting to this kind of surgery after four to six months of unsuccessful treatments and therapies.

Recovery from this surgery varies from patient to patient. Usually it can last at least three to six months for a complete recovery.

Risks of the Surgery

There are many surgical procedures to treat tennis elbow. But they are not strongly supported nor discouraged. Although there are many people who are able to return to their normal lives after the surgery, bear in mind that there are risks associated in this kind of surgery. These are:

• Reoccurrence of the ailment

• Minor loss of the ability to straighten the arm

• Possibility of acquitting infection, blood loss and nerve damage

• The side effects of anaesthesia

After the Surgery

A minor immobility is expected after the surgery due to the sterile bandage and splint placed on the elbow. It will remain for about a week or until the incision heals. At the time that the splint is removed, it is recommended that the patient must begin with light exercises to gently move the wrist and the elbow to strengthen it.

For those who want to return to strenuous activities or athletic activities, they can begin twelve weeks after the surgery.

Preventing the Disorder

Overuse of the arm is the common cause of this condition. Thus, it can be invented. Here are some tips on how you can prevent tennis elbow.

• Before any strenuous or athletic activities, perform a warm-up to allow your muscles to adjust from extra stresses and strains.

• Refrain from doing the same activity for a long span of time. Taking regular breaks is recommended.

• When signs or symptoms are noticeable, immediately consult a doctor.

Although tennis elbow surgery can help patients to cure the inflammation of tendons for a long period of time, it can be risky. Talk to your doctor on the best treatment option for your condition to ensure that you are receiving the appropriate treatment and care for your condition.