According to new Medicare data, Americans spend about half a billion dollars each year on chiropractic care. Although back pain is the most common reason to visit a chiropractor, it certainly is not the only one. Here are a handful of issues that deal with on a regular basis.

1. Neck Pain

About half of all Americans will experience troubling neck pain at some point. Treatment options range from prescription pills to physical therapy to surgery. But according to a recent study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, chiropractic adjustments provide the most reliable relief for patients.

2. Tingling, Numbness, Or Pain In An Extremity

Medical conditions like sciatica (in the legs and feet) and cervical radiculopathy (in the arms and hands) can cause discomfort and pain in the extremities. Because these issues may not respond too well to pharmaceuticals or physical therapy, patients often turn to a chiropractor for treatment. If successful, the health professional can remove some of the pressure on the affected nerves, which should alleviate the symptoms of these disorders. In some cases, patients respond so well that they do not require drugs or surgery.

3. Headaches / Migraines

Nearly everyone endures a headache from time to time. However, just because they are common does not mean they are normal. A headache is a surefire sign that you are putting too much stress on your central nervous system. While aspirin and prescription pills may provide temporary relief, regular adjustments may be able to remove the pressure from affected nerves, allowing the entire body to function much better. In time, headaches and migraines may begin to dissipate or determine altogether.

4. Pregnancy Issues

Gaining a significant amount of weight in a reliably short period of time puts a lot of extra stress on your body. Chiropractors help women deal with a wide range of pregnancy issues, from foot and leg pain to circulation and digestive problems. Research has confirmed that patients who see them typically have shorter and less painful deliveries.

5. Athletic Performance

Professional athletes such as Tiger Woods, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Barry Bonds all relied on chiropractic treatment during their careers. The reason? One of the stated objectives of the medical discipline is to improve the alignment of the musculoskeletal system. If that balance can be achieved, an athlete would almost certainly experience fewer injuries as a result. He or she might also recover from these injuries more expeditiously.

6. Allergy Relief

Although more research is needed, there is qualifying evidence that regular adjustments may help improve the integrity of your central nervous system. If this is the case, then the boost could reduce allergies and other common sinus and respiratory issues. Because many patients report a decrease in seasonal allergies after seeing their chiropractor, it is seen as a viable treatment option.

As you can see from our partial list, there are many reasons why people see a chiropractor.