Hip pain can be very worried as it can cause alarm and distress never mind the actual nuisance of the irritating pain itself. Left hip pain can cause difficulty in the day to day running of people's lives because it can cause create strain on levels of mobility. There are different types of left hip pain caused by many different factors.

Mobility can become an issue which absolutely affects everything in a person's life who has this pain. Some people find the intensity of the pain can differ from day to day where others claim that the pain is more or less the same each and every day of their lives.

Hip pain can be a result of a serious medical condition or can result from day to day post imbalances that can aggravate a particular area of ​​the hip which with regular exercise and correct posture can be corrected.

There are many types of Left Hip pain, here are a few:

Arthritis of the Left Hip:

Hip Pain can be caused by the shape of the hip joint in the way that it works with the surrounding hip and joints. The hip joint left and right are located deep inside the pelvic area of ​​the hip. As the hip joint endures weight on it, this can cause many imbalances of weight which can build up to arthritis which is an inflammation of the osteophytes. Ultimately this means the wearing down of the inner hip joint can occur through duration of time. This type of pain can be lateral, posterior, anterior or far posterior. This pain can vary in its presentation on a day to day basis. It can also vary with age, as people get older the pain can get worse.

Treatment for this type of left hip pain can be non-invasive such as physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medications, topical injections and laser treatment on the affected area which can help ease the pain. The temporary treatment may be to replace the hip altogether as the condition can get very painful over time.

Lebral tear of the Left Hip:

Left hip pain can be caused by a tear in the Lebral which is located in the hip joint. The position of the lebral is in rim of the hip socket. The labrum's job it to hold the hip in place as it moves while staying in its position. However, when there is a tear in the labrum the sufferer can experience many unpleasing symptoms such as a “seizing” feeling in their left hip. Sports men and women tend to be at more risk of developing this tear for obvious reasons.

Treatment for this type of pain can begin with arthroscopic practices as well as physical therapy and medications. The ultimate treatment can involve surgery as the medics remove the loose fragments and repair the lebral tear.

Avascular Necrosis :

Left Hip pain can be caused by Avascular Necrosis which is not specific to only the left hip. It is a medical condition which can cause serious damage to the hip. The condition interferes or blocks the supply of blood in the hip causing the bone to collapse. This condition occurs mostly to long term users of steroids and excess alcohol. The condition needs prompt diagnosis in order to achieve the best results.

Treatment of the left hip Avascular Necrosis can be done through decompression or stem cell injections in its early stages. Total hip replacement may be required for several cases although some cases can undergo a vascular fibular graft.