Can not handle the pain of your pilonidal cyst any longer? Surgery hurts even more, so much that the first few days of recovery you'll have trouble moving due to pain. Maybe you already undergone 1, 2 or even 6 and this only worsened your situation. You explained the doctor but he or she did not offer you a surgical drain so you are thinking about doing it yourself at home. Do not take it lightly, for it can result counterproductive. To prevent this, I warn you about troubleshoot methods and explain you simple, painless ones.

Everyone Does The Same Thing

You are probably tempted to squeeze your pilonidal cyst in the same way than you'd pop an acne pimple. The difference is that in contrast to this, a pilonidal cyst does not mature into a white-head, complicating the process. It may end up aggravating irritation as well as inflammation and consequential pain.

It is noteworthy that squeezing rarely gets rid of all the pus so it reproduces again. Is it worth all the hassle and pain? Moreover, you've got to repeat the process again further on.

Hold On Right There

Never cut open your pilonidal cyst. You run the risk of slicing an unaffected area causing the infection to spread or develop there. This prevails healing by scar. In case the cut is deep, you can not have it sewn up.

Nor suction your pilonidal cyst with a syringe. This will not only collect pus but blood, which which a limit exists without you want to suffer serious consequences, as well as fat, which would affect the form of the natal cleft. You can drag the infection deeper into your body with the needle.

Look At All That Pus

The following methods are effective on a big pilonidal cyst and stop doing so once they bought certain improvement. It is worth to try them even if your pilonidal cyst does not measure that much since it's the only way to know if they will work. No matter if these methods to drain it fail 2 or 3 times, they could work in the next few ones.

Prepare the shower. Start bathing yourself. When you're about to finish, let the water heat considerably reaching reaching the point where it burns you. Let it fall over your pilonidal cyst. This will it intensely for a moment, burst open and leak pus.

Another way to drain a pilonidal cyst at home is by taking Aloe Vera. This contains active components like Aloin and Emodin, 2 anthraquinones that possesses analgesic, antiviral and antibacterial properties, as well as salicylic acid, which possesses the last and anti-inflammatory properties. The gel found inside the leaves carries a strong effect so you can only take a little of it. Otherwise, you'll develop diarrhea since the anthraquinones also endow the plant with laxative properties.

Watch out with the methods to drain a pilonidal cyst at home that worsen your discomfort or harm you. Per se the condition is complicated enough as to risk yourself to acquire other health problems. As long as you follow the precedents of hot water and Aloe Vera, they're safe. Use them often.