If your knee has suffered an injury resulting in damaged cartilage, or you have had osteoarthritis for a significant period of time, a total knee replacement has a strong chance of providing beneficial results to you.

This procedure is ideal if other treatment methods have failed, and provides the best result for those seeking to be free from pain. Total Knee Replacements are one of most relied on orthopedic surgical procedures, with more than 600,000 successful ones performed within the United States every year.

Who is a candidate for a total knee replacement procedure?
The total replacement is a viable option for a patient of any age, and can provide treatment for many arthritic ailments such inflammatory, post-traumatic, and degenerative conditions. A total knee replacement is often the last step patients undergo after exhausting other non-surgical treatment options. Those who only have occasional pain, or who still retain some level of physical activity, are potentially not at the stage in which a total knee replacement is required. The decision to undergo this procedure should be made in conjunction with your personal physician to see if is ideal for you.

The procedure can be thought of as having the knee joint re-shaped to provide a better, near pain-free, fitting of the bones. Only the surface of the femur and tibia are replaced, first by removing the damaged cartilage at the ends of each. Then they are fitted with a metal cap on each to provide a smooth connection between the two bones, allowing for a fully functioning joint. The procedure is both effective and very reliable, and can help you to live pain free again.

Who can benefit from a total knee replacement procedure?
Those who are suffering from severe knee pain even while resting, or who are suffering debilitating stiffness of the joint are able to find relief with this procedure. The replacement pieces used in this treatment have been designed to be long lasting, meaning that those who undergo this often successful treatment should have relief the majority of their future.

All things considered, a total knee replacement is the final option for those who are still suffering from arthritis pain and who have found no relief with other methods. It is a reliable, very successful procedure with over 90% of patients reporting a pain free joint after having the operation. Undergoing this procedure gives you a very strong chance of returning to a level of activity that allows you to lead a normal, active life pain-free.