How To Stop Your Pain And Save Your Relationships!

Save your relationships I hear you say! Yes, that's right. For one thing I've discovered is, left untreated, sciatica not only affects you, it affects those close to and around you too.

Thankfully, I've never suffered with sciatica (touch wood), but my wonderful girlfriend and partner has.

Seeing her constantly suffer and struggle with the pain made me feel sad. But after a while, the constant sleepless nights where she would be tossing and turning because of the discomfort would leave us both feeling tired and drained in the morning.

Not exactly what you want before starting a day's work!

So, my girlfriend being Thai has several friends that practice Thai massage and pressure point therapy. They shared with us stretches and acupressure massage that, if practiced daily, really helped to relieve my girlfriend's sciatica pain.

What we discovered was a three-step process toward relieving sciatica and lower body pain.

Many fellow sufferers have since asked me: “what relieves sciatica?”

With that in mind allow me to share this three-step process with you.


We were shown specific stretches that target certain muscles along with the sciatic nerve itself. Daily stretching not only helps relieve sciatica, it also keeps your spinal fluid and flexible.

When stretching it's important to keep things balanced. What I mean by this is after completing one particular stretch you need to follow-up with an opposite stretch.

For example, when extending the spine in one direction follow-up by stretching your spine in the opposite direction.

Two stretches I like to do every morning to start my day is the “cat stretch” followed with the “cobra stretch.” This ensures my spine is stretched in opposite directions keeping it balanced, fluid and flexible.

One common cause of sciatica is piriformis syndrome. This is a small muscle buried deep within our buttocks and it sure hurts if it gets damaged or inflamed. It'll put pressure on your sciatic nerve and you'll feel a stabbing pain in your buttocks and back of legs.

If piriformis syndrome is causing your sciatica then you'll need to stretch this tiny muscle.

Taken from yoga, the “pigeon pose” or stretch is ideal for stretching the piriformis muscle as well as opening your hips and loosing your lower body.

Acupressure Therapy

This was the eastern secret my girlfriend's friends shared with us. Manipulating and massaging certain pressure points really helped to relieve her sciatica pain, especially when used in conjunction with stretching exercises.

We tend to turn a blind eye to this type of therapy in the west but acupressure has been practiced for thousands of years in the far east. And the beauty of this is, you can do this alone in the privacy of your own home.

I used to have my doubts but I'm happy to say I'm a firm believer now.


“You are what you eat.” Food is probably the most underrated therapy in the western world.

After seeing what my Thai friends eat everyday I now realize why they always appear healthy and look younger than they really are.

They always eat foods that are known to combat infection and boost our immune systems.

Every Thai meal comes packed with spices including chili, turmeric, garlic and ginger along with leafy greens. If you add these to your daily diet you really do not need a medicine cabinet!

Nature gives us everything we need, it's all too easy to overlook that in today's world.

So, Back To Our Question – What Relieves Sciatica?

Well put simply, nature does!

I know sciatica can be debilitating but you really do not have to keep popping pills everyday to stop your pain. Do things the way nature intended and you can not go too far wrong.

Follow a daily routine of stretching and acupressure, eat the right healthy foods and you'll be surprised how quickly you can stop your sciatica pain – and for good!

Surely that must be worth it to get the quality of your former life back – would not you agree?