Men with reducible inguinal hernias can get the much needed relief from the pain by wearing hernia belts. Support hernia belts will give men the option on what adjustments will support the hernia with the right amount of pressure for comfort. The hernia support brace is supplied with foam cushions that can be removed if only one is needed for support. The cushions will help relieve the pain of the hernia by applying light pressure around the sore area of ​​the groin / hernia. The hernia support brace will focus pressure on the inguinal hernia and help push it back. Men can use just one support pad for treatment of a single hernia.

Men will feel comfortable wearing the hernia belt as it fits low on the body and will not create a bulge while wearing their normal clothing. The belts are made of lightweight material that is soft and has a hook and loop closure. The straps are adjustable and do not contain metal snaps or buckles. The waistband has an adjustable fit so men can have the right pressure for their particular situation. The leg straps are adjustable and can be trimmed so you have no extra strapping hanging and creating a discomfort. The excess should be cut off from the back leg straps after you have adjusted the straps to fit you properly. The leg straps are elastic and made of plush soft materials so your legs will not get chaffed when wearing the belt for long periods of time.

The weakened muscles will be cushioned by the soft pads and give gentle support pressure to the hernia. The lining of the belt is soft cotton and will feel comfortable on your skin. The belt and pads are hand or machine washable and a mild soap should be used. The pads should be towel dried by patting the worst of the water out of them and then let them air dry. Do not put the pads in the dryer, dry them away from any source of heat.

There are also hernia briefs that can be worn for support by men. The briefs have the built in support needed to gently push the hernia back. Reducible inguinal hernias can be extremely painful but with adjustable briefs the right amount of pressure is applied in the proper area. Hernia briefs have two cushions that are removable in case you only need one to give comfortable firmness to a single hernia. The briefs can support a right or left hernia or a double hernia. The briefs can be worn discreetly under any clothing with no bulk in your clothes. The briefs are designed with an ample area for the groin so it does not feel any pressure from the undergarment. The hernia briefs also have adjustable straps to make the brief comfortable when wearing. The straps focus on giving you the right compression without any added binding or bulk. With the built-in hernia support from the briefs men would not have to wear any other undergarment.