Elbow joint pain is a very common problem faced by people of all ages and from different walks of life. Common problems include lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow) and medial epicondylitis (golfer's elbow). A painful elbow can cause a great deal of problems and it can get in the way of leading a good life. If you have a painful elbow then you have to get the problem addressed without delay or else you will not be able to get even simple tasks done. However, you first need to identify the exact location of the pain in your elbow so that you can give it the appropriate treatment.

The following tips will enable you to deal with elbow joint pain so that you achieve much of your mobility:

• Apply heat to the affected area as well as surrounding parts using a hot pack. You could also apply topical ointments to provide heat to the area. Make sure that you do not apply extreme heat because that will burn your skin. Gentle heat will stimulate blood circulation to the area and this will hasten the healing process.

• Gently stretch your forearm so that the muscles get a strengthening work out. However, at no point should the stretches cause pain in the elbow. In fact, you should take care to not worsen the pain by mistake. Do the stretches a few times every day and you will notice that the ability to move the elbow painlessly will increase gradually.

• Avoid repetitive movements that put a lot of pressure on the elbow.

• Over the counter medications will help bring down the pain importantly but they should be used with a great deal of care. It is not a good idea to rely entirely on remedies because some of them can result in addictions. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are recommended because they bring down the inflammation in the elbow and help it heal quickly. You can also use topical painkillers to get a lot of comfort in your elbow.

• In case your elbow is not healing quickly enough then you should show it to a doctor. A doctor will probably recommend physiotherapy for the elbow. You may even be required to wear a counterforce brace on your forearm in order to reduce the pressure on the elbow. Do not neglect elbow joint pain thinking that it will go away on its own because you will have a lot of trouble when it inevitably worsens.