1) Viral Pharyngitis

Viral Pharyngitis is regarded as the most common reason why it hurts to swallow. Almost 90% of sore throats will be diagnosed in this fashion, the rest being bacterial, postnasal drip, and other rare diagnoses. Almost 2% of all hospital / ambulatory visits in the USA are caused by some kind of Pharyngitis.

Your pharynx is the part of the throat positioned in between your tonsils, and the larynx. Usually this part will end up with inflammation when our bodies are undergoing attacks. You can usually expect to posses other illness symptoms when you have throat pain.

No completely curative remedies are available for this diagnosis. Physicians tend to treat Viral Pharyngitis by trying to alleviate the discomfort the patient is feeling prior to the body healing itself

Cases of viral pharyngitis typically only last 3 – 9 days

If you are feeling intense pain, or the pain lasts over a few days, please go see your primary physician. All information given in this article is simply that, information. This is not a substitution for medical advice.

Infections that are acknowledged to cause viral pharyngitis include, the regular cold, influenza, mononucleosis commonly referred to as “mono”, the chickenpox, along with the measles

Figure out how to relieve the agonizing pain this illness often causes, Check out our 10 Home Cures for the Common Sore Throat.

2) Mucus in Throat

Postnasal drip is another popular culprit when it comes to sore throats. Postnasal drip takes place where bodies are creating excess phlegm within the lining of the throat, or inside the nasal passage ways. This extra mucus / phlegm will then slide down into your throat and result in painful, yet completely unavoidable irritation.

Q: It hurts to swallow, how do you get rid of this postnasal drip?

Similar to viral pharyngitis, this pain may also be taken up by sickness or the flu. Another major reason people show bouts of postnasal drip are seasonal or chronic allergies. Frequently, folks do not understand which environmental factors they may be allergic to, until they are put through some type of allergy testing.

Should you continuously have a problem with mucus within your throat, please visit a medical expert, and ask about allergy testing from a local and reputable Allergist.

* Pollutants, or mold may also be a contributing factor to your postnasal drip issues.

3) Bacterial Varieties

Strep Throat is the most well known type of bacterial pharyngitis. As it would seem, a bacterial infection takes place when our bodies are internally battling bacterium. When it comes to strep throat, the bacteria has been named “A B-hemolytic streptococci.” For those who have viewed spots around or on your tonsils, had any type of fever, swollen lymph nodes about the neck, or inflamed tonsils, these are generally an indication of a bacterium. Typically, when you have Step Throat Symptoms, it will hurt to swallow, but you do not posses cold like symptoms like a cough, or a running nose,

Bacterial infections can be extremely serious. When testing, doctors will take a sample of your mouth tissue, and run some tests on the culture for certain problematic bacterium. Antibiotics are generally then prescribed to stop the spreading and contagious nature.

Other types of bacterial infections including Whooping Cough, and Diphtheria do exist, however, these are incredibly rare. Find out more about your potential illness at our website, you never know when it will come to good use.