We should aim to exercise 150 minutes a week or 30 minutes, 5 times a week to keep fit and healthy. However, injuries are bound to happen no matter how much u try to avoid it. Prevention is better than cure and athletes are much more educated nowdays and they know the risk involved in their chosen sports activity. There are many common injuries associated with sports involving youths nowdays.


Sprains are common injuries and they are caused by an indirect stress to our ligaments. Light cases of sprains require just a period period and use of a protective and supportive brace. In serious cases, surgery may be recommended.


Sprains occur in our muscles and they are typically treated using the RICE method. Get plenty of rest, use ice to bring down the spelling, compression to reduce inflation and elevate the injured part to reduce swelling.


Bruising is extremely common and it occurs due to a direct trauma with the skin, causing minor haematomas of tissues. They are often harmless but can also be serious and life threatening.

Pulled muscle

Pulling a muscle is very common in sports and can happen to any parts of the body. Muscle pulls are hard to prevent and can occur even if you had a proper warm up and cool down session. There is not much things that you can do to prevent a muscle pull.

Neck pain

Neck pain are common in players who participate in sports such as tennis and badminton which requires them to constantly look upwards and serve or smash a ball. Players who engage in competitive cycling may also experience neck pain due to the prolonged period of bending the back and tilting the head up.

Back strain

Back strains occur almost to anyone participating in sporting activities. They can be caused by quite a number of factors such as unexpected twisted of the lower back or incorrect posture when lifting a heavy item. These sudden and unexpected movements may cause the muscle to tear or pull, causing pain and discomfort.

Runner's knee

Runner's knee is one of the leading causes of knee pain and it is caused by the misalignment of the kneecap. When the kneecap is misaligned, it will rub on the sides of the knee groove, making the cartilage wear out and causing knee swelling. Despite its name, runner's knee does not only happen to runners; it can happen to anyone.

Sport injuries are inevitable and can happen to anyone. There are many different injuries that can occur and each require its own course of treatment. Prevention is definitely better than cure, so take precautions beforecoming any sports activity.