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How Big of a Problem Is Opioid Dependence and Abuse?

Recent changes in prescription regulations for certain opioid pain-killer medications have sparked debate. Over the past year, the topic of opioid dependence, abuse and overdose has become fairly popular. Medical professionals, and now the general public, have begun taking note of the increasing rate of opioid prescriptions, rising rates of opioid-related deaths and higher rates of heroin addiction believed to be associated with initial medication addiction.

But some fear that tighter restrictions on these drugs will irrefutably and negatively affect patients with chronic pain who legitimately take the medications to improve their quality of life. This raises the question: Just how common are opioid dependence and abuse?

The Numbers

Studies yield a range of results concerning the percentage of patients using opioids that develop dependency or abuse the medications. In one large study from 2011, entitled “Prevalence of Prescription Opioid-Use Disorder Among Chronic Pain Patients,” researchers evaluated 705 patients taking opioids for non-cancer pain long-term. They found that 21.7% met criteria for moderate drug-use disorder and 13.2% met criteria for severe disorder.

Taking those numbers together, that's about one-third of patients involved in the study. A more recent and smaller study into 35 back pain patients, entitled “Pharmacological and toxicological profile of opioid-treated, chronic low back pain patients entering a mindfulness intervention randomized controlled trial,” found that 16 drug-tested positive for illicit or unprescribed drugs.

Based on these (and other) studies, it would seem that the rate of problematic use and dependence among chronic pain patients is certainly notable.

Questionable Effectiveness for Long-Term Pain

One of the most upsetting facts about the rate of opioid prescription for chronic non-cancer pain is the questionable usefulness of this class of drugs for this application. In 2013, a systematic review was published to summarize the available scientific evidence in favor of or against the use of opioids in long-term back pain treatment. The researchers noted a few significant things:

1. There were no place-controlled long-term trials supporting the use of opioids for back pain;

2. The few trials that compared opioids to NSAIDs or antidepressants yielded no significant differences in effects;

3. There is low- to moderate-quality evidence for the use of opioids short-term.

See more on this review at .

Patients should be fully aware of how opioids work in the body, that they target the brain's reward system in a way that can encourage dependency, addiction and abuse. Whenever possible, alternatives to opioids – including NSAIDs, exercise therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic care and cognitive behavioral therapy – should be pursued to manage pain with fewer risks.

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Important Things You Must Be Aware About Low Back Pain

Low back pain involves the spasm of the supporting muscles along the spine. You must know that about 80% of people experience such kind of pain at some point of their life. Furthermore, tingling as well as pain numbness in the buttocks or sometimes in the lower extremities can be related to the back.

Common Causes Of Low Back Pain

Sprain in the ligaments – Ligaments connect the spinal vertebra. It provides stability for the low back. With a sudden, forceful movement, or despite prolonged stress, they can be injured.

Strains in the muscles – The muscles of the lower back provide the strength as well as the mobility for all activities of daily living. Strains usually occurs if a certain muscle is weak or overworked.

Bulging of the disc – This is also known as herniation. It can cause pressure on a nerve that can radiate the pain down to the leg. Typically, this responses well to a stretching and strengthening program and will rarely necessitate surgery.

Poor posture – Rarely do people know that poor postural alignment may create muscular fatigue, compression on the joints and stress on the discs that will cushion your vertebrae. Be reminded that years of abuse may cause muscular imbalances like weakness and tightness that can further cause pain.

Wear and tear – This may cause degenerative changes on the discs. Normal aging will usually cause decreased bone density, strength, as well as the elasticity of muscles and ligaments. These effects may be reduced through regular exercise, proper nutrition and body composition, proper lifting and moving techniques, and avoidance of smoking.

Self-care Treatment

Proper Positioning – Modifying your sleeping position will certainly help in easing the strain in your lower back. Ensure that your bed is firm enough to provide you with sufficient support. Also, consider using a small pillow for your head. When you sleep on your back, consider trying putting pillow under your knees. But if you are lying on your side, put a pillow between your knees and a folded towel under your waistline.

Rest – You must avoid prolonged sitting, bending, heavy lifting, twisting, or driving. You have to rest from any aggravating activity.

NSAIDs – Anti-inflammatory medications may be prescribed by your doctors in order to treat the pain. Among these medications will include ibuprofen, naproxen sodium, and aspirin.

Ice – Applying ice on the lower back for 15 minutes every 1-2 hours can help in alleviating pain as well as spasm. You have to avoid heat for the first 48 hours of an acute injury.

Low back pain is indeed a serious issue. Knowing how you can treat such is very helpful. Know also that there are some prevention tips you must be aware about. For more info, visit this site .

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How To Relieve Neck Pain

Today we are going to be talking about neck pain in the morning. I was just talking to some ladies just now and they were stating that they use a neck pillow, yet the pain does not go away. It's not about the pillow. You have to realize that we are doing something consistently that is opposite from what our body wants to do.

You are asking your body to do something different, in a harsh manner, for a long period of time. This promotes your body to protect itself. So when you wake up in the morning, your neck is stuck in a different position and your body is not going to do the normal actions that it is used to when the neck is straight. You have to realize where you are and how fast you want that neck curve to be lowered. That is the first step to take. The body does not need your help all the time, it already knows what to do, you just need to structure it in the right way. Realize where you are before you go ahead and buy yourself a pillow. You want to start buying things that will progressively get you better. So get something with a smaller curve that is going to influence your body in a mixture way. However, it's most important to see what you are doing the rest of the day that Promotes a curvature in your neck. You have to coax your body into doing something right and then follow it up with your self-care work that is all day. It has to be all the time and in incremental steps other you are going to recycle yourself and cause your body to use the device that you're using as a protective mechanism. You have to do this consistently and it has to be in small bite-size, incremental steps.

That's all this is about. It's a balancing game. How much more can you balance, little by little? Once you start doing that, your body is going to consistently increase the balance and your range-of-motion will get better because now your body is structured better. You're not doing enough neck-balancing work through the day, to allow that neck pillow to do what it was designed to do. Do not put all your power in your neck pillow. The neck pillow will help you at night, but through the day, you need to be doing trigger point work or neck stretches. Are you teaching your body to structure itself? That's where your focus needs to be. It's not all about the pillow. You are not waking up at night because of a bad pillow. Everything else you did outside the pillow, did not line up with why you are using that pillow in the first place.

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Effective Ways To Relieve Headaches

Work is very important for individuals since work can provide them loans to cater to their needs. Not to mention, work also helps individuals create a better and more stable future. However, there are also issues when it comes to work. For instance, you need to exert more effort to cater to the needs of your company. You must also be focused to ensure that you can provide great and effective services to your target audience. With this said, there are instances that individuals may experience stress, dehydration and anxiety that can cause headaches.

A headache is one of the most common health conditions experienced by individuals. This is caused by stress or dehydration. Some headings are also caused by diseases such as fever. So, in order to tie or get rid of headache, here are some tips you need to consider.

Sufficient rest

Stress is one of the major causes of headache. Stress can be caused by fatigue at work, emotional problems and other personal issues. Thus, there are instances that individuals are stressing themselves thinking on how to cope with these issues. So, one of the best solutions is to have sufficient rest. In this way, you can revitalize your mind and body that can help you make better decisions and help relieve headaches.

Eat healthy foods

Another option to relieve headaches is to opt for health food items. As of now, there are lots of healthy food items that can reduce headache from fruits like bananas and watermelons, vegetables such as potatoes and lettuce. And, even spicy foods. By choosing the right food items, you can properly deal with headaches that can also help improve your health.

Improve your immune system

It is also essential for individuals to improve their immune system. This is needed since headache can be symptoms of diseases. The most common diseases with symptoms of headache are dengue fever, sinus infection, mumps, glaucoma and even brain tumor. So, it is recommended to improve your immune systems to deal with these issues easily.

Opt for reliable therapies

Finally, to effectively treat or get rid of headaches, you can also opt for therapies. There are therapies that can help get rid of headaches like chiropractic therapies. This therapy is ideal since it is natural. Not to mention, it can also help relax the body that can reduce stress and anxiety.

With these tips, individuals can properly deal with the headache to help improve their performance. Click here for more.

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Resveratrol Supplement May Protect Bones in Those With Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is a group of physical symptoms linked to high risk of diabetes, heart disease and stroke. As if these risks were not enough to deal with, people with the group of symptoms also had to worry about osteoporosis, since low-grade inflammation that causes bone loss is prevalent among those with metabolic syndrome. Osteoporosis leads to bone fractures and, often, disability and increased risk of dying early.

The group of symptoms associated with metabolic syndrome includes:

  • High blood pressure
  • Abdominal fat
  • High triglyceride levels
  • High fasting blood glucose levels
  • Low HDL (good cholesterol) levels

Researchers recently found that resveratrol, a powerful anti-inflammatory compound found in wine and grapes, could help curb osteoporotic risk in men with metabolic syndrome.

A group of 66 men with metabolic syndrome were given either high-dose (500mg) resveratrol supplements, low-dose (75mg) supplements or placebo twice a day for four months. Researchers measured their bone density and marks of new bone formation. Significant results were seen for men in the high dose group; they showed a 2.6% increase in bone density in the lumbar spine and a 16% rise in levels of a bone formation marker over the placebo group.

Resveratrol may serve other benefits to people with metabolic syndrome surrounding protecting bones. Some research suggests that it can help improve insulin sensitivity and help prevent heart disease, though its effects on people without metabolic abnormalities are uncertain. People with diabetes, heart disease or metabolic syndrome are more likely to benefit.

See more on the study into resveratrol and bone health at .


As with many supplements, unfortunately, resveratrol has not been extensively studied. This means that not much is known about potential long-term side effects or the appropriate dose to take. It is, however, believed that the supplement can interact with NSAIDs and blood thinners, and there should not be used in conjunction with these medications.

Another concern linked with supplements is that they are not regulated by the FDA. Therefore, there's no guarantee as to what exactly is in the bottle you purchase. Check out , where you can find information on independently-tested supplement manufacturers for the highest-quality products.

Resveratrol supplements may be helpful to people with metabolic syndrome in a number of ways, but they're not the key to good health. It's important for people to take steps beyond pills to resolve the underlying issues behind this group of symptoms. Typically, this involves making lifestyle changes to diet and activity levels. The word “supplement,” after all, means “an extra element”; they do not institute, but may support, a treatment plan.

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Hamstring Exercises To Reduce Lower Back Pain

A hamstring is a muscle that runs through the back of the thighs. Researchers have found that when the muscle is tight, it limits motion in the pelvis which in turn increases stress across the lower back bringing about lower back pain.

The good side is that you can reduce lower back pain by exercising these muscles. Some of the best exercises to engage in include:

Standing stretch

You need to start the exercise in a standing position and then slowly bend at your waist with your legs straight. You should ensure that you hands hang down. At this position you should try to touch your toes. If you can not touch them, you should not strain yourself. You should bend until you feel a stretch in the hamstring.

Once you feel a stretch you should rise and return to the original standing position. For ideal results you should do at least 10 repetitions.

Towel stretch

You need to lie on the floor and pull one leg up and straighten it by holding onto a towel that you will have wrapped behind your foot. You should straighten your leg until you feel a stretch in the target muscle.

Chair stretch

This is a less strenuous exercise because all you need to do is to sit on a chair and place your legs straight on another chair. At this position you should try to reach your toes. You should continue stretching until you feel a stretch in the hamstring muscle.

Wall stretch

You should lie on the floor with your buttocks against a wall. You should then place your foot against the wall and push the knee straight. For ideal results you should stretch one leg at a time.

How to do it

The aim of these exercises is to lengthen the hamstring muscle so that it becomes loose so reducing pressure in the pelvic region. When doing the exercises you should ensure that you put some pressure on it. Over time the muscles will lengthen thus decrease stress on the lower back.


These are some of the best hamstring exercises to strengthen your hamstring muscles and as a result reduce lower back pain. To make the stretching exercises part of your everyday routine you should ensure that you stretch every morning when you get up. You should also do the exercises before you go to bed. To do the exercises perfectly you should first master them by watching a guide video.

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Tips On How To Prevent Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy

It's common for pregnant women to complain of lower back pain. The pain is thought about due to change in weight, hormonal distribution, and balance. While the problem is common, you can prevent it. Here are tips on how to go about it:

Be comfortable

Discomfort is highly attributed to lower back pain; therefore, you should ensure that you are comfortable all the time. When walking, ensure that you wear low-heeled shoes with a good arch support. This is to reduce strain on your spine.

If you are going to stand for a long time, always ensure that you place one foot on a low stool. You should alternate your feet on the stool the next time that you are standing. The purpose of placing your feet on the stool is to tilt your pelvis forward then keeping your back in a neutral position.

While this technique is ideal when you are standing, you should also use it when sitting for a long time.


There are many exercises that you can do and prevent lower back pain. One of the best exercises to do is the pelvic tilt. Here you should lie flat on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the ground.

You should then slowly rock back and push your pelvis and lower back into the floor while at the same time tightening your stomach and buttocks. You should stay in this position for two seconds and then release. For ideal results you should do at least 10 repetitions.

Another great exercise to do is the leg lift. The aim of this exercise is to strengthen the hip muscles and buttocks. You should tighten your thigh and buttock muscles while lifting your leg about 8 and 10 inches off the floor. You should maintain this position for 3-5 seconds and then lower your leg. For perfect results you should do at least 5 reps with each leg.

Sleep properly

If you feel pain when sleeping, you should sleep on your side. You should also place a pillow between your legs. When the abdomen is large, for example, during the third trimester, you should place a thin pillow under your abdomen.


These are tips on how to prevent lower back pain in pregnant women. In addition to the above tips you should also remember to sit properly. As rule of thumb you should avoid slouching.

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5 Fast Facts About FIR Therapy

1. What is FIR?

Far Infrared light generates the warmth we feel on bright, sunny days. They are the natural waves of light energy produced by the sun, totally invisible to the naked eye.

Within the spectrum of sunlight are visible and invisible rays. The visible rays are known as rainbow colors. The invisible rays include Ultra Violet, X-ray, Gamma, Cosmic, Microwave, Long Wave, Electrical Wave and “Infrared “. Unlike ultraviolet rays, far infrared rays do not cause sunburn or damage the skin.

2. FIR Energy Improves Circulation and Healing

Far infrared light energy is a natural therapy available to all us. As the sun's warmth is felt on our bodies, the FIR rays are penetrating into the deep tissue activating water molecules in the blood increasing oxygen in the bloodstream. Cold and hot compresses only penetrate the top layer of skin. FIR energy is absorbed deeper into the tissue.

As the far infrared light energy is absorbed, the body's cellular metabolism improves, resulting in enhanced cell regeneration and tissue repair. The result is better circulation and less inflammation.

Another reason why it feels great spending time outside on a beautiful day!

3. Our Bodies Need a Daily Dose

Our bodies naturally contain infrared rays. However, if you do not spend hours in the great outdoors or live in a cold climate, you might need a little help to boost your levels enough to enjoy the benefits. Thankfully there are sources available such as FIR Saunas, Light Panels, Hot Yoga and Apparel that feel great and your body will thank you for!

4. FIR Naturally Complements Medication and Therapy

The great thing about FIR is that it is 100% natural. FIR saunas and lighting panels provide a unique warmth that helps those suffering arthritis or other inflammatory conditions without affecting medications.

Physiotherapists and Chiropractors often suggest patients wear FIR supports or braces in between appointments to reinvigorate the area while accelerating healing and reducing pain.

Along with maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet, a healthy dose of FIR can further assist in reducing inflammation and pain.

5. Not All Products are Equal

There are many FIR products entering the market and not all products are created equal. Look for apparel manufactured with Bamboo, a natural source of FIR. Bamboo is heated to incredibly high temperatures producing a FIR mineral that is woven into the fabric. The FIR fabric next to the skin works similarly to a skin patch. Warning: Never purchase FIR products that come with a warning label.

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What You Need To Know About Sharp Back Pain

If you have had a sharp pain in the back you know how painful it is. The pain is thought about by a number of factors.

Causes of sharp back pain

Muscle spasm : a muscle spasm is a prolonged contraction of back muscles. The problem is triggered by trauma or repetitive strain. The spasms come about as a way of protecting the spine from further injury. When you have muscle spasms you feel a lot of pain in the upper or lower back.

Herniated disk : it results when you lift heavy objects the wrong way. When you have a herniated disk you feel a sharp pain that shoots from the buttocks into the legs.

Infection : in some cases the vertebrae becomes affected by a condition known as osteomyelitis . When you have this condition you not only feel a lot of pain in your lower back, but you also have fever.

Compression fraction : this is where the spine bones (vertebrae) fraction. The condition is caused by weakened bones or trauma. In most of the cases the pain that results from the condition is very sharp.

How to treat the condition

There are many ways on how to treat the condition. The most common ways are:

Using ice and heat : you need to wrap an icepack in a piece of cloth and place it on your back. The cold from the ice aids in relieving the sore muscles and numbs the tissue around the inflamed area. For ideal results you should leave the icepack on for least 20 minutes.

Once the pain has lessened, you should apply heat. You can use heat from a warm bath or a heating pad. The heat aids in loosing the muscle tightness. It also brings the swelling and lessens the pain.

Chiropractor : here you need to visit your chiropractor and explain your problem. The good side is that the professionals are trained on how to “crack” your back and make the necessary adjustments based on X-ray examinations. The adjustments aid in relieving the pain.

Massage : you can ask your partner or therapist to massage you. Research has shown that deep finger massages locate knots that are often found in an injured muscle. This results to increased blood flow to the muscles that you heal fast.


This is what you need to know about sharp back pain. When you feel the pain, it's recommended that you rest first before you take the next step.

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Lower Back Pain In Children: What You Need To Know About It

While lower back pain is common in adults, it can also happen in children and teens.

Common causes of the condition

Spondylosis : this is a defect of the joint between vertebral bones. The defect usually comes about as a result of injuries sustained during sporting activities. The defect is common in children and teenagers who tend to hyperextend their backs. For example, the problem is very common with gymnasts.

The injury usually represents a stress fracture and it can take up to 6 weeks to heal.

Disc injuries : These are common in teenagers who engage in sports such as in-line skating, vert biking, and skateboarding. The reason why the injuries are common in people who engage in these sports is because the people tend to land on their feet or buttocks in most of the cases.

When landing the force is transmitted to the vertebrae which often results to vertebrae fraction or even damage to the intervertebral disc.

Spondylolisthesis : this is a condition where one vertebrae slips on another resulting to instability and lower back pain.

Tumors : this is an abnormal growth of tissue in and around the column column. The tumor can be benign or malignant. While benign tumors are those that have not spread to other parts of the body, they can still destroy the vertebral bone or spinal tissue. Some of the most common tumors are: osteoid osteoma, aneurismal bone cyst, and osteoblastoma.

Malignant tumors on the other hand are those that can spread to other parts of the body and they include: leukemia, sarcoma, and lymphoma.


There are a number of ways on how to diagnose the condition in children. The most common ones are:

X-ray : you need to visit your doctor who will take shots of the front, sides, and in between the vertebrae.

Laboratory studies : here blood tests are taken in order to determine if you have harmful bacteria in your body. If you are under the age of 10 years, a complete blood count (CBC) is done. If you are infected, the CBC will show an increased level of white blood cells. There will also be an increase in the levels of reactive protein (C-RP) and erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) .

To determine the exact bacteria affecting you, the technician will do a biopsy.


There are both surgical and non-surgical treatment methods. In surgical treatment you will have to visit your doctor who will perform a surgery and correct the problem. In the non-surgical treatment you will have to engage in exercises that will aid in relieving the pain.

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Intestinal Cramps – Crucial Aspects To Consider

Intestine is the route for human waste. It consist of two parts; the large intestine and the small intestine. Function of small intestine is to digest, while that of large intestine is to absorb moisture from food residues and also to drop wastes. There is a recurring contraction of muscles in the intestine known as peristaltic movements. It helps the flow of food and wastes through intestine. The abnormal condition of intestine causes intestinal cramps.

The intestinal cramps mainly occur due to some sort of abnormality in functions that are taking place inside the human body on a daily basis. The first one is infection, which usually results from ingested food tainted by tapeworm. Eating uncooked food could prove a major reason, and as a result, you tend to experience these cramps after eating.

Indigestion lies on second spot on the list, and considered a vital cause for abdominal pain. It usually happens due to the bad eating habits as well as over eating. Belching, fullness and heartburn feelings are common symptoms.

Fractious colon is the third major reason that causes intestinal cramps. It is the result of disturbance occurring in the large intestine. It causes dirrhea, prolong poor appetite, or constipation.

The fourth cause is constipation, which usually causes a sudden pain. It results from the inordinate absorption of water and takes place in large intestine, while causing dry and hard stools. These wastes flow very tardily in colon and result constipation and intestinal cramps.

The menstrual cramping is next on the list, and is usually experienced by women during the ovulation period and is quite intolerable. The green waste is the sixth major cause behind intestinal cramps. During this, the ingested material goes out abruptly, and since it takes no time to change its color to typical brown color. It normally happens due to diarrhea, or food poisoning.

During crohn's disease, the seventh and last cause of cramping on the count, there is swelling all around in the alimentary canal that directly contributions towards cramping, blood in waste and diarrhea. This inflammatory bowel disease is dangerous, and could be life-threatening if not taken seriously in its first stages.

After getting to know about all these reasons for intestinal cramps, you must know the treatment and precautions that you should consider, to seek relief from this problem. To treat the infection, the physician generally prescribes parasite killing medication to get rid of these worms and antacids. Taking plenty of fluids and yogurt might assuage from pain caused by fractious colon. In order to treat constipation, you need to drink a lot of liquid contents, or do regular exercise that might help in passing wastes or gases that could later give relief from constipation. Menstrual cramping could have been alleviated by regular exercise, use of heating pads, hot baths and herbal tea. Normally, green waste is not a reason to worry about, as it might happen due to ingesting a range of green vegetables.

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Bone Injuries? Go to the Orthopedic Surgeons

When you injure your bones or joints, you need to go to a specialist who has the skills required to successfully mend you. Doctors who operate on bones and joints are called orthopedic surgeons, and more often than not, they work in a complex full of other bone doctors of different specialties. This makes your visit easy! If you go in to see a hand specialist, but it turns out your knee was the problem, there is often another specialist somewhere in the building to help you out. Let's take a look at some of the specializations these doctors choose.

Hands and Upper Extremities

There are over sixty bones in your upper extremities, the region maintaining your hands through your elbows to your shoulders. Doctors see a lot of repetitive motion disorders associated with athletic or work-related motions. Orthopedic surgeons are ready to surgically and theoretically a wide variety of issues in this region including rotator cuff tear, golfer's elbow, pitcher's elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, wrist fractures, and arthritis, just to name a few. They will employ a number of treatments and surgeries in order to provide you with the best chance for full recovery. Their options for treatments are endoscopic carpal tunnel surgery, complex hand reconstruction, physical therapy and rehabilitation, shoulder reconstruction, and hand therapy.

Neck and Back

Discomfort in the neck and back generally recommends issues with the spinal cord. Experts will utilize a physical exam, MRI, or X-ray to pinpoint the cause of your neck or back pain. With state-of-the-art technology in their arsenal, these doctors are more than comfortable treating degenerative disc disease, spinal deformities, tumors, infection, and spinal trauma. Your doctor will provide you with a comprehensive assessment and treatment options ranging from operational procedures to non-operative therapies. Non-operative specialists will use fluoroscopic-guided injections and other non-invasive procedures to accurately target troublesome joints. A spinal surgeon's goal is to provide you with relief from your back pain and keep your spine properly aligned. Orthopedic surgeons will always use surgery as a last ditch-effort after the more conservative options have been expired.

Joint Reconstruction

Symptoms of joint pain can be avoided and relieved by changes in lifestyle choices and medication, but there may come a time when you need an operation. Joint replacement procedures, also known as arthroplasty, are a method where the damaged portion of the joint is removed and replaced with a prostheses or artificial piece. These treatments can relive pain and restore full function in the target area for a large number of people. Orthopedic surgeons will employ the most modern techniques when tasked with replacing your knee or hip. After surgery, you will need to participate in physical therapy and rehabilitation sessions until you can work out all the kinks.

These are just some of the specialized areas in which bone and joint doctors can assist you. Do yourself a favor: if you have bone or joint pain, go and see a professional. Your condition may be nothing more than a simple problem that can be treated with a little therapy, but if you wait and disregard your pain, that little problem may turn into an issue that can only be resolved with an operative procedure.

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Aspects That Make EVA Kneeling Pads a Preferable Choice

Any type of work that requires kneeling down on the floor exerts a significant amount of pressure on the knees. Without adequate measures, it can result in various knee related issues like dislocated kneecap, tendon infection, knee pain and many more.

In order to curb the above-mentioned issues and make sure that the knees are safe from injuries, opting for safety pads prove possible. EVA Foam and Rubber are the two major materials used in the manufacture of these pads. However, there are certain special aspects that make EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) Foam pads a better option. Let us have a look:

Multiple Options Available

Unlike rubber, EVA Foam comes in multiple densities, color and hardness options. Higher density implies enhanced safety. Thus, people who regularly work kneeling down should absolutely definitely opt for higher density foam pads. Rubber, though, has similar characteristics; however, high-density rubber pads tend to become hard after regular use and cracks after a specific period.

Resistant to Cracks and Damages

Rubber has limited flexibility level, and crossing the flexibility limit may lead to cracks and damages. But, things are not the same with EVA Foam. In fact, the pads made up with this material are highly resistant to cracks and damages. This material has a higher flexibility level, and it can withstand a significant amount of pressure.

Light-Weight and Easy-To-Clean

Unlike rubber pads, EVA made safety pads are lightweight and easy to clean. High-density rubber pads are comparatively heavier than the foam pads of the same density. Rubber pads need regular maintenance, and they tend to attract dust particles easily. Foam pads are free from such issues. They do not need regular cleaning and maintenance.

Virtually Odour Free

With constant use, rubber pads tend to become sticky, and they generate incompetent odor. Contact with sweat, dust and other chemicals degrade the material quality to a great extent. EVA pads do not have such issues, and they do not generate any odour.

Impact and Pressure Resistance

This is probably one of the most vital aspects that make EVA pads ideal for kneeling purposes. Foam pads can withstand a greater amount of pressure, and it is also impact resistant. This particular material is soft and so, it offers greater comfort to the knees when required.

EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) is a versatile material and apart from safety pads, it has many other applications. When it comes to purchasing quality EVA safety pads, one has to opt for a dominant supplier.

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Back Pain – Common Causes And Prevention Tips

Back pain is a common problem most especially to the elders. Over the years, the body sufferers from lies and tears, which actually affects the flexibility of the person. Older people who suffer from back pain are able to alleviate pain temporarily, but the recurrence of the pain is almost 100%. This is why it's important for people who are no longer in their youngger years to take care of their bodies and be familiar with the causes of such pain and how to prevent them.

Back pain is caused by several reasons. Below is a list of causes and prevention tips:

1. Poor posture – A very common cause of back pain. Most people suffer from back pain because they are not used to standing correctly or they are used to slouching. A recommended solution is to visit a chiropractor. Regular visits to the doctor can help you improve your posture and restore your flexibility.

2. Poor lifting techniques – People lift things every day; it's normal. But why do some people have back problems from the rest? Because of their lifting techniques that causes strain on the back. A solution to this is to know the right technique. A few tips – keep your back straight and bend your knees when lifting an object, do not bend your waist, move your whole body when you need to carry the object to a different area, always carry the object in armpit or knee level, and do not carry objects that are 20% heavier that your actual weight.

3. Uncomfortable clothing – This is a common cause for women. Clothes that usually cause problems to the back are those that are too fit, which often restricts body movements. Women tend to be conscious about their clothing that often results to poor posture. The solution is pretty simple – just wear comfortable clothing. The style that will not restrict movements and give you the chance to stretch once in a while.

4. Inattentiveness – People tend to perform activities that their bodies are not prepared for. Being inattentive can cause problems to your spine and get you out of shape. An easy solution – be mindful of everything that you do. Always keep your back straight and your body relaxed at all times.

5. Poor body conditioning – People search for activities that excite them. Activities the often require them to be physically active. However, people tend to forget how to condition their bodies before such activities. A solution – do warm ups before getting into strenuous activities to avoid strains.

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Combining Old With New: Knee Pain Treatment Using New Technology and Alternative Therapies

Our knees are one of the most important joints in our body, but high-impact use or age can cause them to become less fluid or limber as they once were. In some cases, a condition known as osteoarthritis can develop and the cartilage in the joint starts to wear away. In addition to this breakdown, the synovial fluid can no longer lubricate the knee or other joint and the result is pain and stiffness. This means that motion is inhibited and inflammation occurs. Knee pain treatment then becomes necessary for the patient to be comfortable and still have the ability to walk, run, stand and perform other daily functions.

What many people may not know is that along with medical procedures for pain management, alternative or holistic therapies can be used to further alleviate discomfort and aid in rehabilitation of the damaged joint. For about twenty years now, a treatment called Viscosupplementation Therapy has been used. This procedure is where a fluid fluid called hyaluronate is injected into the knee joint to act as a lubricant for the area.

This replaces the missing synovial fluid that has declined and allows for pain relief and greater range of motion. Along with this medical method of knee pain treatment or similar procedures, alternative therapies and supplements can aid in the rehabilitation of the site. Some of these include:

– Taking the supplements glucosamine and chondroitin to ensure proper lubrication and cartilage renewal
– Eating plenty of good, fatty fishes to increase Omega-3 fatty acids in the diet. These contain EPA and DHA, which assist with bone health and flexibility.
– Increasing the intake of herbs or spices, including ginger, turmeric and basil.
– Eating lots of nuts rich in fat including flax seeds, sesame seeds, and walnuts.

The key takeaway for having knee pain treatment is to remember that having a procedure may be necessary, but the rehabilitation and use of the joints will be more successful if a daily routine is developed to heal the body over time. This will ensure that the quality of physical activity remains at its highest level through your lifetime without having to end discomfort. Other important things to do or good habits to develop are:

– Do at least thirty minutes of aerobic exercise 3-5 times per week.
– Do strength training and range of motion exercises.
– Lose weight.
– Use heat and cold packs for discomfort.
– Wear proper footwear for physical activity and wear orthotics if correction is necessary.
– Have massages or hydrotherapy done regularly.

Again, the point is to aid the medical procedure with ongoing therapy for rehabilitation. Healing and pain-free use of the body's systems often require a change in lifestyle to promote overall wellbeing. Elimination of discomfort is necessary, but having the body work as it should for longer periods of time requires care. It's similar to fixing a car: Someone can have their car repaired and restored by a mechanic, but if the oil is not changed or the maintenance of the car overall is not being performed, it's going to eventually quit working. Seeking out a specialist is the first step towards recovery, however. Your pain can be managed; do not wait when it comes to finding knee pain treatment.

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