After a week of strenuous activities, getting rid of overall muscle soreness is a major challenge. Oftentimes, when you begin your workout after a long rest, you may experience experience soreness in your muscles within a couple of days. This can be very disappointing, annoying and might extremely discourage you from continuing with your routine. Even if you are used to going out and doing things that are of high intensity or even doing workout sessions weekly, a day that ends up in all over muscle soreness is such a problem. You may even have experienced a number of sleepless nights due to the pain. In days like this, you most likely have tried all the medications out there in stores that promises to bring you relief. I know that feeling and it always leaves you with complications and a big hole in your pocket.

Muscle Soreness

So what is this phenomenon? It is called delayed spot muscle soreness or DOMS. It is the experience wherein there is a feeling of muscle pain and stiffness which occurs a day or two after a tough workout. This phenomenon is usually felt when you begin a new exercise regimen, change your exercise program, or drastically increase the intensity of your workout routine. It can be very alarming for those would-be fitness enthusiasts. But for those who are not new to this, delayed insect muscle soreness is just a normal response of the body to unnatural activity of your muscles. It is part of your body's natural adaptation process which leads to greater muscle strength, stamina, and ability to recover quickly. This is not the same as the pain you experience during the actual workout. DOMS is not even a sharp pain like that of an injury such as a sprain or a breeze. It is the stiffness that is mostly at its worst within the first few days following a new, intense exercise which will slowly subside over the next few days.

Bath salts as treatment for all over muscle soreness

Bath salts are your best bet if you want a treatment for muscle soreness that is cheap and effective. Not only does it relieve muscle pain, it also softens your skin, reduces muscle swelling, exfoliates the skin, relaxes the nervous system, removes toxins from the body and removes body odors. Salts usually leaves your skin feeling dry, but not these salts. These salts actually leaves the skin with a soft and silky feeling.

Here's how you deal with overall muscle soreness using bath salts: On your warm bath water, add about two cups of bath salt for a relaxing and soothing experience for the body and mind. Massage the salts all over your body while soaking. This will clean and exfoliate your skin. If you have a certain problem area, you can go with a half cup of bath salt and a large pot of warm water. You can even add lavender oil or some other natural oils to enhance the experience and healing effects. They can also be used in compresses to deal with injuries such as bruises, sprains, splinters and even insect bites. To make this, dissolve two cups of salt in hot water and use this for your compress.

You can buy bath salts just about everywhere. Just remember that this product is intended for external use only. If you have external wounds, you can hold off on the muscle soak.