Being an individual who stands on their feet at least six hours a day, you may understand the importance of this article. Anti-fatigue mats are designed as a pillow between the hard surface flooring and your soft feet.

An anti-fatigue mat is an ergonomic floor mat designed to ease the strain of standing on a hard surface for a long period of time and reduce the fatigue that it causes. Walking on a hard surface like concrete, ceramic tile and hardwood can be exhausting due to the unforgiving nature of the flooring. When your foot has a constant contact on such flooring pain normally follows. Standing in the same place on such material is even worse because it will create pressure points and reduce circulation in your lower body causing a great deal of fatigue. Imagine that you work six to eight hour shifts and for five days a week, the pressure that is applied on your body for just on forty hour work week. Some people spend a major part of their life standing in the same spot of a hard unforgiving surface without any support. They need the support of a forgiving anti-fatigue mat.

An anti-fatigue mat adds a bit of cushion and support between your feet and the floor. It absorbs some of that impact when moving around on it. It also relieves some of the pressure that might limit circulation.

Anti-fatigue mats come in many materials like vinyl, rubber, foam and gel. Different thicknesses, surfaces and support levels allow you to tailor the type of anti-fatigue mat for the particular job you do. A hairstylist needs a mat that supports them while moving around a chair in short steps and is easy to clean up while a machinist needs a mat the supports them standing in the same spot while they focus intentionally on their task and is tolerant of heat and oil while being cut resistant. A store cashier is a position that has little movement for long periods of time and may very well be the perfect place for a thick, smooth gel filled mat.

Anti-fatigue mats are beneficial in any kind of station work whether it is in a kitchen, hair shop, garage, shop, factory, cashier stand or office. You can find out all the sizes, styles and materials at any online discount office supplies web-site or at most home stores. Most of these products are also tax deductible when used at work, ask your accountant before buying one. Your feet and back will thank you.