What is Fibromyalgia, it is defined allopathically as a syndrome causing wide spread pain and tenderness in the soft tissues like joints, muscles and tendons. Allopathic medicine is yet to discover a cause to fibromyalgia, but theories suggest physical and emotional trauma, abnormality in the pain response, sleep disturbances, and infection are to blame. Treatment consists of a recommendation of physical therapy, exercise and fitness programs, stress relief and prescription of anti-depressants and muscle relaxants. The idea behind these treatments is to improve sleep and increase pain tolerance. Other treatments include cognitive therapy, lifestyle changes (diet, elimination of caffeine, sleep routine, and alternative therapies).

Acupuncturists views pain very differently than that of allopathic medicine. Oriental medicine understands pain as being the result of obstacles, constraints, and deficiency of qi and blood. Thus, fibromyalgia is a systemic disease involving the flow of qi and blood. Furthermore, oriental medicine views the liver as the organ, which controls the flow of qi, making the liver a primary focus by practitioners.

Some key symptoms associated with fibromyalgia are fatigue, stress, muscle weakness, sleep issues and of course pain. Fatigue tells the practitioner that there is a deficiency or either blood or qi. From there based on each individual case the practitioner will decide if it is a blood or qi deprivation and whether they are the shortcomings of yang or yin. Stress tells the practitioner that there is a restriction of blood or qi. Muscle fatigue and digestive issues are commonly associated with spleen deficiency. Lastly sleep issues suggest heart blood deficiency. Each case varies on an individual basis and your practiceer will take this into consideration for your specific situation.

Common treatments for fibromyalgia include acupuncture and herbal treatment. Acupuncture invigorates the flow of qi and blood by stimulating specific points in or around the region where pain is experienced. On the contrary, depending on each individual, points distal to the region of pain will be used to lead blood and qi away from area or congestion, as in the case of a serve blockage. Acupuncture for pain of fibromyalgia is very effective.

Natural treatments of fibromyalgia include Some basic Chinese herbs used to treat fibromyalgia in combination with one another are bai shao, qin jiao, du huo, yan hu sou, yu jin, tao ren, hong hua, mu dan pi, da zao, and gan cao. The objectives to using these herbs are to increase establish a strong flow of qi and blood reducing pain, alleviate stress and anxiety and tonify the liver and spleen.