Just when you were about to start your day to do all the things that you needed to accomplish when all of a sudden, you feel something is not right about your neck. But then you realize it's not the appearance and when you move it sideward, the pain starts to pound your head or even all over your system.

Yes, neck pain can be very stressful sometimes and no matter how hard you try to take the pain right away. You just can not because you still have to go through a lot of things like putting an ice or heat pack on it which you should do for at least 15-20 minutes every 2-3 hours. Maybe even getting a pain massage, doing stretching or strengthening exercises and so much more.

But the big problem is, you still have a lot of work to do and following those home remedies might just be a waste of time for you. Thinking that getting the job done is much more important than spending the rest of the day applying or doing treatments to your neck.

So you just simply ignored the pain because you thought that you could handle it but then you could not deny the fact that it's starting to interrupt things and make everything worse. Your day just got ruined because of a health condition that, believe it or not, can be avoided at the very first place.

Surprisingly, you can help fight neck pain and never let this condition happen again in simple ways. Just follow these simple and practical neck pain care and you will not have to suffer it for the rest of the day or worse, week.

1. If you are driving or even working in front of the computers, take frequent breaks .

Always remember that when you are working, keep your head back over your spell. Through this way, it will help you reduce neck strain that leads to neck pain. More importantly, avoid clenching your teeth as much as possible. Also, try not just to stay on one place for a long time. Take the time to do other things that will force you to get up or to roam around.

2. Try to avoid slouching .

Sometimes when we are already tired, we tend to slouch. To avoid doing this, always keep everything on your eye level. Always lean on your back and make sure that it's supported, keep both of your feet on the ground, and relax your shoulders. Also, avoid trying not keeping your head forward when you are typing something because you will not even notice that you are already slouching.

3. Avoid cradling your phone underneath your shoulder when someone calls .

If you are the kind of person who has been receiving a lot of phone calls, using a headset helps you to avoid tucking the phone into your shoulder. You could also set the phone on loud speak if you prefer.

4. Do some stretching .

Moving your head gently from side to side, cutting your shoulders up and down and many more as long as you stretch your muscles now. Also, taking a break can help you prevent from having neck pain.

5. Sleeping on your stomach is not good .

Doing this gives a lot of stress to your neck. If possible, only choose a pillow that the natural curves of your neck can handle. Sleeping on your side and back are two of the best positions that will give comfort to your neck and not having a neck pain the next day.

These are the simple and practical things you only have to do to avoid getting a neck pain and interrupt everything that you are doing. It looks like prevention is always better than cure never gets old.