1. Control your sugars:
    Whether diabetic or not, high blood glucose levels have been shown to cause or exacerbate existing neuropathies.
  2. Use Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA):
    Taking Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) increases intracellular Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), enhances insulin function, and protects your nerves from free radical damage.
  3. Reduce your Statin Drugs:
    Statin drugs for lowering of cholesterol, cause a depletion of Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), which in turn causes nerve damage, by stripping away the myelin sheath of the nerve itself.
  4. Stay away from Margarine:
    Margarine increases LDL (bad cholesterol) and lowers HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol). This may reduce your need for Statin drugs. Margarine also decrements insulin response, which affects your bodies sugar control, and fat storage. Your body stores neurotoxins in fat.
  5. Use Methylcobalamin (B-12):
    Methylcobalamin is the most easily absorbed form of B-12 The body uses it to prevent and correct neurological defects including regeneration of neurons and the myelin sheaths protecting the axons.
  6. Use Benfotiamine (B-1):
    Benfotiamine is fat soluble B-1 and has 360% greater bioavailability than any other form of B-1 which is essential to overall nerve health.
  7. Avoid Aspartame at all costs:
    Aspartame is the worlds most heavily consumed neurotoxin. It interferes with nerve cell function. Its components can destroy nerve cell integrity, mutate DNA, and cause nerve cell necrosis and system degradation.
  8. Electronic neuromuscular stimulation:
    Electronic nerve stimulation can reduce pain. Properly used, it can improve nerve health, increasing the nerves ability to propagate the nerve impulse. There is only one device which is designed to do exactly this, by properly preventing the nerve cells to re-mineralize and repolarize.
  9. Physical therapy, exercise, massage:
    Physical stimulation and exercise improvements blood flow and circulation of all the body's fluids. This helps to reduce swelling or pooling (edema) and remove toxins from the distal parts of the body. In turn, it allows for nutrient rich blood to be properly circulated to the nerve cells. Your neuromuscular stimulator should have a muscle stimulator component to its signal, to enhance the body's own natural venous blood pump, as well as improve muscle atrophy.
  10. Phsychotherapy-mood elevation:
    Feeling good is an integral part of healing. Eating right, maintaining your precious mobility, and proper sleep, all go hand in hand. Proper electronic neuromuscular stimulation can help with this by providing the pain relief you need, drug-free. In addition to its neuropathy treatment, stimulation can cause your body to release endorphins, the body's own natural pain killers. Their ameliorative effects can last hours, elevating your mood.